Class Facilitator

Ingrid Hart is a subject matter expert on midlife renewal having documented her own experience in a multiple award-winning book “My Year In California ~ A Journey Toward Midlife Renewal.” Her upper-level education includes a master’s degree in Culture and Spirituality with a deep focus on transition to the second half of life.  Ingrid is certified through the Institute of Noetic Sciences as a conscious aging facilitator.


"Ingrid’s midlife renewal class gave me useful tools for dealing with what feels like a massive transition at the age of 55. I just ended a 30-year career and am about to become an empty-nester. Her guided exercises and calm presence gave me both the space (and permission) to grieve these milestones, while also putting me in touch with possibilities for joy and impact in my future work. If you are hoping to peel back a few layers to get in touch with your authentic self, Ingrid’s class will give you the kick start you need."

--Anne Semans. Fort Bragg, California

 "Many of us in our 50s don't want to recognize that we are indeed in need of a midlife renewal.  You may think that is for someone else, but not relevant for yourself.  And, then you take a leap. Why not? That is where my journey with Ingrid began.  I took the leap and was rewarded with a very insightful experience that made me realize who I am, what I am capable of creating and how I want to show up in the world. Ingrid has been there on her own journey.  Her approach is graceful. She coaxes out the past, present and future from the recesses of your mind, body and soul.  And, when you complete her course, you come away with a different aperture then you started with.  And, to me, that is where the renewal begins." 

--Toby Trevarthen, Orinda, California

"Ingrid ROCKED the role of teacher with her gentleness, wisdom, and coyote-like circles of deepening questions to help us arrive at the root of our stuck places. Again, many thanks." 

--Marcia Rayene, Oakland, California

"I recently had the pleasure and good fortune to attend a work/playshop on Midlife Renewal with Ingrid. I came away  feeling focused, revitalized and on purpose! She is a brilliant and intuitive facilitator with the experience to help you discover what's next."

--Danette Lawrence, Santa Cruz, California 


"I consider myself fortunate to have experienced Ingrid’s facilitator skills while on my midlife renewal journey. Ingrid is the most amazing, understanding, perceptive facilitator I have had the honor to work with. She connects with her class in meaningful ways sharing her own life’s journey and asking the difficult questions one needs to ask of themselves to make a path forward. And she does so in the most caring and empathetic way. Ingrid is awesome and I would recommend her without hesitation."

--Ron Peralta, San Bruno, California